If you're using a PSO2 physique

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They also cleverly avoided the issue on collaboration and PSO2 Meseta Voice permits with this move as it is basically the exact same game so all collab things continue to be valid. Mad lads SEGA pulling one of the greatest expansion without leaving behind the old game in precisely the same customer lol. NGS the sport will work as a different cube, you can basically think of it like PVP/Battle Arena and Challenge Quest.

All NGS-specific fashions are essentially better: they look better, have more customizations available, and you are able to move your fingers with them. Seems like Sega can not retroactively change PSO2 fashions into NGS fashions, your personality is essentially either going to be PSO2 or NGS model based on what outfit/wear/part they have on. It's from that some incompatibilities might employ.

Well, I am presuming for anything that does not immediately port out, the question boils down to if that mechanic has some reason to exist. I am assuming that the gathering system (or the one we have) is not going to maintain NGS, at least on release. Probably same with all the crafting system. So there won't really be enough things to utilize a material storage for.

Body paint has the identical limit as other clothes: if you're using a PSO2 physique, you can still use PSO2 body paint. If you are using an NGS body, then you can just use NGS body paint. Once you equip an NGS outfit/basewear/innerwear thing, you can't use any PSO2 clothing"mixed and matched" along with all the NGS stuff. You need to commit to 1 game's style for clothing/body paint.

Just because so much we know mags don't have any stat benefit now. My main concern is they are going to strip out major elements such as the ability trees and subclassing and be like every other MMO out there now void of options. Edit: I understand this might be innocuous as it might mean they're only different talents or certain classes might not be 1:1, but I keep worrying we're likely to have another WoW or FF14 on our palms where they gradually cut everything that is not cosmetic out of the match.

The more likely scenario based on info we've been given and what we've seen in the trailer is courses will be different and consequently skill trees will not be exactly the same in NGS. You are not likely to have a big set of level capped classes in NGS such as you do now in PSO2, none of this is moving in any way. NGS will get brand new classes and consequently new skill trees or differing development elements entirely so cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta naturally it"serves a different functions".