The new defenses into the Runescape safe place

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On a personal note, I liked the ability tutors (I don't care if people do RuneScape gold not agree with me). Jagex could have added that the new Runescape Advisor attribute without removing the Lumbridge tutors... if people like learning things by themselves instead of going to a mentor, then more power to them it didn't signify that the Lumbridge Trainers should be removed for the players that did want to utilize them.

The new defenses into the Runescape safe place (Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador). This was just stupid. For players levelled under 60, you have to speak with the guards to leave the'safe area'. Fine. For players levelled higher than 60, Jagex reported the new guards won't cause too much of a disturbance. But your avatar slows down when you approach the guards, stops to get a complete bit, the guards let you through, and then your avatar slowly starts accelerating into a run again. If you're levelled over 60, the guards must let you run beyond, zero delay!

Again, I do not care if people disagree with me. What is the purpose in slowing our running down, which makes us cease, then forcing us to begin accelerating again? Any high-level players will know that they are leaving the new secure area - i.e., don't put in a delay that is 100.0% unnecessary. The delay is an added annoyance which didn't exist before, and which serves zero purpose. The guards also stop you (another delay) even when you're entering the new safe area.

It's ok for Runescape to give proper warnings (e.g. Danger! You are about to enter an area with a high-level monster!) , those can serve a useful purpose in receiving the participant's attention (the warnings may even be toggled off). The new guards to the Runescape safe area are completely useless for gamers with level 60, plus they also now supply an entirely unneeded, new, deterrent to running.

Whenever it comes to topics like this, I believe how hard the task of prioritising projects really is. Is it really worth committing development time to give players the ability to experience something or use that opportunity to develop something new? We think that there are a number of other things that we ought to do with quests, like looking at some advantages that are ridiculously low or increasing the quality of the cutscenes - matters more players will get pleasure out of. We will surely keep the idea of rs 2007 gold replaying quests in mind, though.