What's NBA2K21 this season?

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I play mycareer because 2k16 but that I was always a casual, never played with 2K21 MT online and constantly purchased it using discount or a marketing. I am from Brazil as well if that is important. And I was hopeful that this year I'd be scaling up my game playing online, making builds and spending far more time with it. In addition, I know that normally 2k haven't been very responsible in attending to the communities stinks. So my name questions remains, can it be a good year to purchase it like today? Or wait for a sale discount? It is not bad I personally think they ruined shooting this year tho plus I wouldn't buy the mamba forever edition their support team is dreadful. I have yet to get my preorder bonuses and have had the game since launch.

Did you buy the current mamba edition? I'm on PS4 that I purchased the one with the young Kobe dunking Only need to ask can we play mycareer with the outdated sport like 2k18/2k19? The Pc version will always be disrespected, the game is intended for consoles and a majority of the player base is on console. As for microtransactions, those have mastered the match for the last 5 years, but imo this season wasn't that bad. You can get a build to 92 w/ max or near max badges through about 4-5 times of grinding. (Obv. Quicker if you play more) without spending anything on vc.

It sucks but what do you anticipate. The game is filled with hackers and people abusing the game, I used to be a pc 2k participant but I said enough is enough and got a PS4, best decision of my entire life. Sports game just are not intended for PC. Only thing good about it is mods and single participant but that is it. What's funny is that they could become"meant for PC" by linking a controller with a dongle and getting a suitable interface. Hey man as crap asI wouldn't be too mad if they did but I liked the blue. I guess it's not out of the realm of possibility that they changed it. It was essentially the one universal criticism. They listen to opinions About Watch Dogs Legion and Ac Valhalla there is still is(optimized for XSX) the blue only looked like a worse appearing ps4 case in my own opinion. I doubt its representative of this colour box that the match will actually ship in. Man, and I'd gotten accustomed to the blue situation. I truly hope this is a one-off thing and people keep the blue, because I like how it appears Maybe they were just using all of the leftover stock of blue boxes and once they're all used then maybe they will begin and keep producing black ones. Move along, nothing to see here.Yeah, I know this is an unpopular view in this sub, but 2K will put a lot of work into the initial next-gen game. I'mma await news and gameplay tho, this could easily be unsatisfactory. No blue case it seems. Are they moving forward with this layout or is it possibly only the developer's choice ? Partially because I prefer the gloomy, partly because I dont enjoy inconsistency in my shelf.

Maybe their choice I truly dig the black situation tho. PS4 also had reddish cases so that I guess it is up to the devs. It'd actually be very cool when they gave the developers the option of what colour the case will be. Yo the black case looks good. Wonder if it was a dev thing or Buy NBA 2K21 VC if Sony just battled the Blue one. The blog post did state to leave feedback on it. Yeah that's about 50 lb too mild for Zion.