Just like the arrows break. Now there should be no such

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The material to make it is a rare ore which RS gold may only be found submerged. Get your swimming gear and also have Murphy bring you underwater. Near the crabs is a crack in the rock that it is possible to go through (50 Agility required) to get to an underwater mine that has the ore that you want. Mine about 25 of these and then head back to Willus. He provides you with a Magical Chisel. There are 3 pieces: the Merma Top, the Merma Leggings along with the Merma Mask. You want 60 Defence to utilize it.

Speak to Willus and tell him that you've got the armor and he will provide you a special book. Equip the armor and leap in the water in which the creature went. Now you are underwater and the monster is right in front of you. He is level 200 and utilizes melee strikes and an occasional magical attack.

He can hit at the 40's but these strikes are rare, and a common hit is about 10 or even 15. It's possible to use lobsters however swordfish are greatest here. Be certain to bring Prayer Potions, as well. When you have him at 10 hitpoints utilize the book that Willus gave you on him to cast a spell that can finish him off. Once he's defeated he will drop Magical Bones. Take these to Willus to demonstrate that you defeated the monster. Now speak to King Vargas and decide to inform him what happened. Fortunately Willus has told him everything. Congratulations, pursuit complete.

I really need something like a free for all arena as a secure minigame. It would be quite fun and fantastic XP. The region would be about the size of the fist of guthix arena with a great deal of challenges, ranging towers. . .etc. Like the FoG, arrows will be returned once you die. It will NOT provide runes, but it is going to return about 60 percent of the runes you've used.

Just like the arrows break. Now there should be no such a thing as complimentary XP. For in this region, you will need to buy the time that you are planning to playwith. You could pay with coins, FoG tokens, or runecrafting tokens, along with other member's tokens.

Just to make it fair for the men and women who have a hard time earning money. Bandages could be provided along with a milder variant of the strength potion. The area can be divided into to segments: Area with levels (such as the uncontrolled ) where you can just attack opponents close to your level. A free for all area.

I believe that there should be no need for OSRS buy gold benefits as it'd be fairly interesting how it is. For people not to acquire super speedy XP by 1 hitting noobs all day you could have a smaller amount of XP gained (similar to fighting arbitrary events).