That change is easily the best thing New Horizons has done

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And they Animal Crossing Bells haven't even really begun adding in all these big things. And I doubt they will do much from the November update.This is good n all but it actually adds zero new things besides Halloween. Like sersiously where are hydroids and Brewster??? Literally any nooks cranny upgrade? They have had months since the last upgrade and they couldn't add a single new addition that doesn't finish after Halloween?

This may just as well get me back into the match. I only play once a week today I got so burned out from the game and not one of the present upgrades really did enough for me to wish to play with longer (Diving was fun for around three days, then it just got tedious) Nintendo wants to begin addressing quality of life upgrades. . .Playing in waves is unquestionably ordinary for AC. It's meant to be something you return to over longer lengths of time.At least they can not go away behind your back this time. That constantly stressed me out and dissuaded me from checking up on my city after being away for months.

That change is easily the best thing New Horizons has done, imo. For all the extra articles New Leaf had, after I lost interest for a month or two it had been almost impossible for me to get back into it since my villagers could be my fruit trees could be plowed over by some arbitrary yahoo.I really hope they've witchy themed diy's!! I would like cauldrons and potion tables!! Don't fail me now creature crossing I want a witch harbor island

Man you guys are all so bothersome about these Animal Crossing upgrades. I feel like everyone has expectations put far too high to get a match which was never supposed to be than it is.We're bothered since this game has been out for months now the greatest update to occur for this match has been swimming along with an expanded art gallery. It will not really help they're gradually trickle feeding stuff which was already available at the beginning of preceding Animal Crossing buy bells for animal crossing new horizons and there were practically no quality of life upgrades since launch.