I havent played runescape in a little while

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Okay first off OSRS gold this is actually the first time on the forums. I havent played runescape in a little while, but im beginning to agian. But with all the modifications like Grand Excahnge and not having the ability to get freebies from frineds, im a bit stuck. What if I fight to get my ranging up to lvl 40. Right now im lvl 26 range, 40 lifetime, and im with bronze arrows with willow long bow. Im killing cows. Its taking FOREVER! Just spent and hour obtaining from 20-26. Where could I find chaos runes the speediest. I got 40 att, 38 str, 30 def, complete addy, rune skimmy (although Ill have a rune long and 2hder in just a little bit) and 39 magic. However, I dont need to buy chaos they are just way to much. Idc if I must kill lvl 7 critters to receive them I only want to learn the fastest approach.

Same question as above just no im asking for mith/addy arrows. Last question. How long can you think that it takes for minning into lvl 60 out of lvl 50. I've rune select, and I plan to bank all my ores. Which ore if I mine iron or coal. And where. Sorry for the 4 questions. And thx for any informtaion you are able to get me. And id like to inform anyone that needs money and has 30+smithing which if you purchase the iron and coal ore, smelt into pubs, then sell you will make near to 200gp gain each bar. Members can just take the pubs and make cannon balls from them to create 300gp each pub.

I know theres a way to acquire construction levels without leaving your house with a servent, I saw a screenie of the inventory needed that was like a stack of cash saw/hammer etc.. Could anyone walk me through the exact process of getting the servent to run to the bank for you without leaving your residence? I really appreciate this, as much as my current level 63 con, ive always just run to and from the lender. Alright, I have gone through this process before. I suggest that the Butler, good time and decent price. Here are a few facts and tips you want to know before I go into detail... All servants will need wages after 8 actions, an action being going to the bank to retrieve items, or visiting the sawmill to cut logs. If you can not utilize a butler, utilize the maximum possible. And don't get the demon butler. Ask him to bring you boards from the lender. You should have 25 free inventory spaces, and with Oak Kitchen Tables requiring 3 boards each, you will want him to deliver you 24 boards, and that means you have 1 free inventory space. A teleport maybe. While the butler is gone, I advise that you destroy your present Kitchen Table. Make sure you're in a fairly free place, so that when the butler returns he doesn't get trapped behind obstacles. If he returns with your planks, simply assemble and ruin kitchen tables. When you are ready, speak to this Butler again. If he's wandered off, pull your local Rope Pulley to summon him. Then RS 2107 Gold continue that process, and calculate how much cash you need.