I should probably switch my shield to Granite, correct?

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I'm curretnly merchatning and once I complete the sale, I will have 1 million gold. I am wondering what I should spend it on:abilities,fight,slayer or if I keep merchatning? Allrighty. I need 99 thieving as I know it's an extremely simple and quick ability to train. It is only for OSRS gold an easy trimming for fletching. Is this the best means to do it? Pyramid Plunder, Room 1 - Search Gold chest-Find door to next room, Room 2 - Hunt Gold chest - Locate door to adjacent room, Room 3 - Hunt Gold chest - Find door to adjoining room, Room 4 - Hunt Gold chest - Locate door to next room, Room 5 - Search all urns for snakes - loot all urns - hunt gold chest - depart.

As you can see, for the last room, I hunt all them urns untill all snakes are popping out, and I loot them all. When ever I get 71, 81, 91 should I just keep using the exact same method or if I begin searching urns in some specific level rooms ( prior to my closing available space )? Just like when do the chambers begin giving you exp worth the time ? Thanks. Recently I've been spending time at Avainsies, also that I have a couple questions. My questions.

I should probably switch my shield to Granite, correct? I realize I need to choose Bones to Peaches instead of Sharks, but I didn't get it yet from the Mage Training Arena. Can tabs work? Should I still bring some Sharks? How many bolts should I bring? Any other improvments I could make to my armor? Any additional suggestions? Get 70 range quickly at yakks, It's more powerful than 60 - 69 will ever be. Finish eadgar's ruse for a simple tele to close the god wars. Here is what I take, Your equiped things aren't so good. To save / create inventory space, Just wear the sara zammy items.

Why is it that I use this? Teleing to Trollheim leaves 1 space to begin amassing drops ( 2 legislation are gone ). The super defence obviously causes you to take less damage. Ranging containers to get quicker kills. Sharks get you a good couple kills before you begin BtP'ing. 502 fires becomes 500 if you tele into trollheim. Having bolts bars ( noted ) already in devise, means making no room for drops. Having 1 gp means no need to Old School RS Gold generate space for alched money. If you find yourself with a swordfish fall, but have no room, just drop something, get a swordie, consume it, pick ur thing up. Hope this helps, It is really the ideal way to do Aviansies.