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If got downvoted, I'd love to add, it would make a sense. I feel like the entire hostility to questions thing is another symptom of efficiencyscape, except instead of criticizing people for coaching abilities inefficiently, it's criticizing people for hunting replies inefficiently. Just the most efficient method (studying wiki) is allowed, everything else is wrong, even though asking different players will still supply an answer.

So people are supposed to play with a singleplayer game and never talk to anybody because everything is on the wiki and there's no justification for making conversations. No wonder public chat is so dead comparative to 10 years ago and folks talk more about politics than about Runescape, because politics is based on view and not about the wiki. I get it. The wiki did not exist for a lot of players. When I originally started (then quit, then moved to OSRS years later) we did not have a wiki. It's really just a case of"I heard Runescape the hard way, you can too" imo.

That is just kinda the essence of the playerbase, elderly jaded men and women who have been playing forever for the most part. It creates a lively with noobs, but with prif and Menaphos noobs and maxed players barely even run into each other out of the heart and clans. Nobody wants to be bombarded with questions that are dumb and I am sure the people who sit on this sub refreshing by feel like that. I don't think I've played Runescape with the wiki. While afking some shit, if I'm not pvming I am definitely reading webpages. It stinks while skilling however I do not eliminate sleep on it that I'd rather read the wiki than talk to people outside of the clan.

There's two problems actually. New players making query's about Runescape, subsequently becoming downvoted with no answer. The remedy is the Weekly Megathread which I believe solves the dilemma of collecting everyone with Fundamental Questions into one location (you know those replies currently ). However, I do not believe in the Subreddit users, I believe just a couple of them will redirect these new users to the Megathread, others will just answer their questions, while the others will still downvote them (that is the problem this post concentrated on, as fas as I'm aware).

Redirecting OSRS players to the suitable subreddit. The solution would be to make a principle or bot (like the"Ninja Request" one) that shows folks the other Subreddit available for them to produce the question. However, users create a good job already by diverting those people there, and there's Partner Subreddits, there is ads, under by the Subreddit link on the right banner. But they are still downvoted by them. The Downvotes here, and also the users are such as the ISR, there. You cannot comment anything remotely constructive because they biting your foot.
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