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RuneScape - It's worth getting these levels

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Your cape should be an ava's cape unless you're doing something where it won't work, for instance, shooting ogres in cages. If so, wear your best ardougne cloak or something else with offensive/prayer bonuses. Red dragonhide, of course, unless you want to be empty. I hope this will help!

In looking at your charms I'm not sure if you'll be able to make 69 without acquiring more charms. If you were to use golds with barker toads you'd require 1840 gold charms to earn 160k xp. greens, 1620 with Ibis, Crimsons it's 569 using stranger plants and blues it's likely you'll be looking to save, but the price is 343 with kyatt's and graahks.

On the front, it's around 1.5m from toads to 4.7m on ibis 2.5m for plants that aren't familiar for Graahks, and 3.4m on Graahks (4.4m for Kyatt). A mix is somewhere between. If you're lucky enough, you'll earn approximately half through sales of the pouches. The exception to this is the blue pouches that could earn your money back, but you'll have to find an efficient source of blue charms.

I'm sure you'll be not able to afford less than 1 million and more likely that you'll end up paying 1.5-2m on the next three levels. Summoning is one of those games where you bite your fingers and don't fret about prices.

It's worth getting these levels. Yip, Tort and Bat are all good familiars, however I'm unable to think of any super cheap method that doesn't take a ridiculous number of prep time. Abyssal Lurkers (Which require you to cultivate abyssal creatures on your own to earn abyssal lures) and Graahks/Kyatt's is the only truly lucrative and marketable familiars I've heard of that are less than 66.

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