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The task of summoning is difficult. I prefer to have specific game rules. Although lending can be avoided by preventing weapons from being able to be loaned in the wild, summoning combat levels require a change. It is a good idea to have the ability to drop all at once, as with other items in RS. The restriction on pouches is strange in the world of pvp. There is no solution to this problem. Perhaps the best solution is to leave it as "pouchin create, fight goes down"

Last but not least, you can't have pvp wilderness areas. Never. The thrill of the wilderness allowed one thing that pvp and bh worlds are missing and was the most effective game I have seen in any other game.

Pvp meeting pve players. Although it was not required, non-pvpers could to to participate in pvp games for rewards. As I stated earlier, everyone must have access to the quests. But making some areas safer isn't the point. This is the thing I am most concerned about. If a place is secure from attack that defeats the goal of quests.

Since there's a safe one just one hop away, no runecrafter should use the dangerous deep. You can easily run on a safe planet and then jump to a more dangerous world once you're out of the wild, this would be possible with any planet. This is a plea, don't promote the notion of "safe" worlds or the half assed wilderness, it is not a good idea and detracts from the enjoyment of the wildy.

Wilderness and Free Trade

What happens to the items designed to replace wilderness? Quick history lesson... GE- was developed about a month before the infamous changes to replace free trade.
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