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RuneScape - This was an interesting skill for Jagex to include

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Slayer. That can bind you to fights, and the point is that you travel to these areas to fight. Many Slayers are confined to dungeons. However, that is an inevitable consequence of making certain areas accessible to all: I cannot effectively run through a space with aberrant spectres unless I have the right equipment.

Hunter. This was an interesting skill for Jagex to include, as it let them allow people to use peaceful zones. Chinchompas, Kebbits and even birds (until BurthoTav) demanded that you get out in the wilds to capture them. It was a great method of encouraging people out of the city. Fishing, in f2p. To get the best fish, you had to travel to Karamja. This is especially true for those who live in the living rock caverns.

Woodcutting. Mahoganies and Teaks are rare forest trees. If they don't add many unique resources to every single map, what do you propose they can do? Most resources have to be implemented with care for any use: Mahogany had to acquire construction skills, certain hunter areas required summoning, and so on.

The map could use some improvements. Personally, I think that the map could be bigger. Jagex has more land. My impression of the proximity to Varrock Edgeville, Gunnarsgrunn, and Varrock (a more appropriate name rather than Barbarian Village however I don't like the term barbarian when it's not used correctly) is not true.

If I could, I'd like to make the game even bigger and the cities larger and more alive. Falador doesn't feel very city-like to me. Nor does Burthorpe. Quisque est barbarus alio.

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